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New to our artist´s family:

“It’s important that the music touches me. I want to feel that the artist has something to say! “

C. Schwarzenbach from Munich is one of Germany’s most requested live and studio musicians. With his unique guitar playing, he has impressed on more than 2,000 appearances in the world. The stage has also been shared with top acts such as ZZ Top or Jethro Tull. Due to his exceptional performance stars like Toto vocalist Bobby Kimball called him to join the stage, Glen Hughes (Deep Purple) and Woodstock legend Fito de la Para (Canned Heat) rocked the house with him. Whether as a sideman for Dickie Peterson (Blue Cheer), or 2010 as support for Guitar genius Jeff Beck or as support for singer Erin Perry, located in Los Angeles, Schwarzenbach is not only in Germany but also throughout Europe a musical brand.

Mainly instrumental guitar rock, unaffected and straight, composed and interpreted similar to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai ect. The dedicated productseries Rock Project features brilliant guitartracks with interchanging tempo and mood.



Library Key Visuals 10x10 cm.qxd

We are proud to announce Alessandro G. to join our family of highly talented composers.
The ongoing series of his compositions included in our catalog is called “Inside Classics”.
Alessandro is an italian composer who studied classical composition and orchestration in the school of the composer B. Bettinelli.
His music is influenced at the same time by the great masters of the 19th century and by the passion for the Hollywood soundtracks:

most of his music is orchestral or orchestral-hybrid, with rich harmonies and counterpoints but always with great attention to the melody and the narrative aspect of the music.

Alessandro also collaborated as orchestrator with the “Filarmonica Toscanini” and the vocal group “Alti e Bassi”.

Please welcome this great composer by listening and placing his fantastic tracks.




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Akademia Award from LA/California won for best Instrumental Rockalbum in July 2015.

Visit Akademia Award Mahler Movie Music-Cinematic Edition 1


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Thanks to all listeners-

Burkhard Mahler


New Classicals Volume 1 published

Classicals Vol.1 - 10 x10 cm


New Artist Welcomed

Seraphin-Franz Schott joins our family after a long relationship building confidence and

artistical junctions with Mahler Movie Music Ltd near Munich, Germany

Please listen to his fantastic skills here:

LV Seraphin Cutz 10x10 cm-1




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